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The auditorium is the center hub for academic-related pursuits. The main office houses the Headmaster's office and the staff room, where students can find their mentors when they aren't teaching classes. Students gather here to take classes, participate in clubs, study, and socialize. If a student is injured, they are brought to the hospital wing, and those who refuse to abide by the rules are locked away in the detention chambers.
Kaname Yamazaki || Feb 24, 2019 17:36:16 GMT -8
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The greenery hub spans the farthest reaches of the boxed canyon that surrounds Seito's campus grounds. It features multiple greenhouses of various inhabitants, an animal sanctuary, vibrant gardens, an expansive courtyard, winding hedge maze, and luscious orchards. Students attend some specialized lessons in the greenhouses and animal sanctuary, but the massive area is mostly used for extracurricular activity.
Shizuka Hayamoto || May 30, 2018 20:22:04 GMT -8
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The dormitory is U-shaped. The first floor consists of the entryway, common room, I~Virtual, and bathhouse. Each floor above that is separated by grade level. One wing is reserved specifically for faculty. Traditionally, a student is assigned as dorm mother/father to their respective floors to keep order, but here that title is bestowed upon employees that appear to be young children that live centuries. They are incredibly magically-inclined, and therefore shouldn't be crossed.
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Home of the Seito Angels. It is the most removed location of the boxed canyon, nestled in the wilderness northwest of the auditorium. While isolated, clear clean concrete paths connect it to the rest of campus. The building itself looks like a massive traditional Japanese temple with high walls enclosing the courtyard. Regular students are welcome to visit the temple but the Hall of Angels or Classroom are guarded by powerful magic that only allows Seito Angels to pass through the transparent perimeter.
Malik Grimsley || Apr 17, 2018 7:45:15 GMT -8
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The wellness dome is located near the auditorium, sports field, and dormitories. It is home to the pool, exercise equipment, a snack stand, and the gym. Physical lessons are taught here, whether it be normal exercise, sports, or power utilization. Students can practice with their weapons, box, play basketball, swim, etc. It’s as much of a socialization hub as it is a physical challenge.
Ada Kusanagi || Mar 19, 2018 15:26:52 GMT -8
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An enormous section on the left-hand side of the auditorium. This area harbors the more sentimental structures of Seito’s history. The Temple is on the far northern side; it’s considered an area of its own, but it’s surrounded by the beautiful cherry blossoms that Memory Lane is known for. The clock tower and battle coliseum are closest and fairly near each other, while the memorial shrine and graveyard are farther out, removed and private.
Crim Cais || Apr 17, 2018 7:09:00 GMT -8
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The sports field is directly beside the wellness dome, and thus in the same section as the auditorium and dormitories. It’s a large open area used for outside sports such as football, track and field, tennis, volleyball, baseball, etc. The football field can be used for American football or traditional football. Students tend to hang out underneath or on the bleachers when not in class. It’s common to see lessons being taught here, sports teams preparing for their next competition, or people goofing off in the grass.
Orion Alim-Verdi || Mar 17, 2018 19:12:37 GMT -8
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Seito Institute is the infamous Japanese academy for supernatural beings and fantastical creatures. Unlike most schools, the Institute takes in students as low as ten years old and as high as twenty-three years old. Its location is deep in the jungle. Magical enchantments on the jungle lead those either invited or attending to come onto a waterfall cave that exits out into an enormous boxed canyon that is the campus. Truly a world of its own.
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