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Enormous oaken double doors, coated in steel and school crest protruding from its center, open to the entryway. The receptionist area sits just beyond the seating area, and beside it is a door that leads to the hall connecting the Headmaster's office and the staff room. Students are encouraged to visit each room during normal daylight hours. The Headmaster has an open-door policy, and the staff room is where students can find their mentors.
Kaname Yamazaki || Feb 24, 2019 17:36:16 GMT -8
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Further into the entryway is an equally enormous oaken double door that is only ever closed during emergencies and ceremonies. Beyond is a vast rectangular room with ten long rows of bench tables, five on either side of a wide aisle. At the head of the room is a raised area to seat faculty and honored guests; when ceremonies are not occurring, a seasonal centerpiece, gigantic in size, is in its place. Its used for dining and leisure socialization.
Crim Cais || Apr 3, 2018 10:07:12 GMT -8
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Each wide hallway has glassless windows and sliding classroom doors. The glassless windows are magically designed to solidify glass when it rains or snows, and above each classroom door protrudes a marker that identifies the room. Students are assigned a desk in a specific room for the year, and teachers come and go in two-hour intervals. The computer lab, home economics room, science lab are rooms of their own.
Fuuma Tatsumaki || Apr 1, 2018 13:17:45 GMT -8
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Clubrooms neighbor the classrooms on the left-hand side of the entryway. They have their own floor, and the hallways look the same as the lowers levels. These rooms are generally a little smaller but can be customized to fit the needs of the clubs that occupy them. Only students who have formed or joined an official club can occupy these rooms.
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The library consists of one massive room that spans multiple floors. It's accessed at the end of the first hallway on the right-hand side of the auditorium. Wide staircases and open railing halls guide you through the various levels. Ladders are available for public use, and there is a librarian that sits at their respective stations on each floor. Along with numerous rows of books and shelves, there is an equal amount of seating arrangements.
Fuuma Tatsumaki || Feb 21, 2018 0:22:01 GMT -8
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The hospital wing is just beyond a smaller oaken double door across from the auditorium's entrance. Inside is a wide hall that branches off to different sections of treatment. Each section is separated based on the severity of treatment. The lesser the illness or injury, the less privacy there is. For simple treatment, a room will house up to six patient beds with hanging curtains for walls.
Sebastian Michaelis || Feb 5, 2018 10:33:52 GMT -8
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Each wing of the auditorium has access to the roof at the top of each stairwell. Most of the roof is a wide-open space, although there are some reserved spots for bench tables, telescopes, and ventilation boxes. The roof itself is surrounded by a ten-foot wire fence.
Crim Cais || May 8, 2018 15:04:48 GMT -8
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Those that break the school rules are thrown into the detention chamber. It's accessed through a staircase in the staff room leading down to the basement. Inside is rows of individual concrete rooms bathed in fluorescent light that renders supernatural powers useless. A thick layer of magically-imbued Plexiglas separates the offender from visitors. A protruding stone slab acts as the only rest area in the otherwise empty space.
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The auditorium is the center hub for academic-related pursuits. The main office houses the Headmaster's office and the staff room, where students can find their mentors when they aren't teaching classes. Students gather here to take classes, participate in clubs, study, and socialize. If a student is injured, they are brought to the hospital wing, and those who refuse to abide by the rules are locked away in the detention chambers.
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