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There are multiple greenhouses set on the east side of campus. Greenhouses, though, is a light term. The greenhouses are bio-domes that contain various plants and flora from different pockets of the world. The first contains topical flora, the second temperate vegetation, and the last boreal plants. Narrow concrete paths guide students throughout the domes. Wildlife is not allowed in these domes.
Dah'na Starbreeze || Apr 1, 2018 19:37:28 GMT -8
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The animal sanctuary neighbors the greenhouses on the east side of campus. Like the greenhouses, it is more of a bio-dome, only this one contains wildlife from all over the world. It is one enormous bio-dome, but once students are inside, they can visit the different sections within that reflect different habitats of the world. It's been stressed that there are dangerous animals within that are not contained beyond their respective habitats, so students are warned to take caution while exploring or attending lessons.
Crim Cais || Mar 20, 2018 9:17:46 GMT -8
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The gardens are a step removed beyond the bio-domes on the east side of campus. Large walls isolate each garden from one another, but they are so engrossed in vegetation that students can't see the stone surface beneath. Though isolated from one another, each garden is connected by wide open passageways. Students may enjoy leisurely walks, or perhaps rest on the benches sprinkled about here and there. There are numerous bird baths, so wildlife is quite prominent in the area.
Deleted || Dec 4, 2017 23:33:03 GMT -8
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The courtyard is considered the nicely mowed lawn of the campus in front of the auditorium, dormitories, wellness dome, etc. There is a wide variety of vegetation sprinkled about here and there, as well as some trees that provide relieving shade on those sunnier days. It is accompanied by concrete paths that connect the various areas and buildings to each other.
Shizuka Hayamoto || May 30, 2018 20:22:04 GMT -8
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Beyond the gardens is the infamous hedge maze. The walls are fifteen feet high, and the passageways are eight feet wide. The entirety of the maze is three square miles. Within are obstacles that challenge students who enter; sentient vines, moving hedges, and illusions. Students who exit the maze will end up in the direction of their desire. There are multiple exits, making the maze fun but impossible to truly be trapped in. Trying to break through a hedge wall will result in being attacked by nature.
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The orchards are the farthest a student can travel on the east side of campus; it is even beyond the hedge maze, although one doesn't need to navigate the maze to get here. There are fruit orchards, nut orchards, seed orchards, and tree farms. All of them are open to students so long as they refrain from unnecessary damage to the campus' food production line.
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Greenery Hub
The greenery hub spans the farthest reaches of the boxed canyon that surrounds Seito's campus grounds. It features multiple greenhouses of various inhabitants, an animal sanctuary, vibrant gardens, an expansive courtyard, winding hedge maze, and luscious orchards. Students attend some specialized lessons in the greenhouses and animal sanctuary, but the massive area is mostly used for extracurricular activity.
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