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There are two automatic fogged double doors at the entryway, which creates a quasi-foyer area to keep the elements out. Beyond the second door is the common room. To the right is the entrance to the bathhouse, and to the left is the entrance to I~Virtual. Straight ahead is an enormous spiral staircase that leads to the dormitories. Students use the common room to lounge about and socialize with friends. They play video games, enjoy the fireplace, and throw parties.
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I~Virtual is an enormous white empty room. When a user steps in, the room will 'activate', and an AI will interact with them. Once it's worked out what the user wants, the AI will create the requested environment and/or situation. This room is especially durable and designed for a wide range of activity. It creates solid holograms for the user to interact with for their own pleasure. The AI can't compute requests of the sexual sort, and you can control it to a degree with conversation.
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The bathhouse's entrance is on the right-hand side in the common room. It takes you down a short winding hallway to a simple changing area. Several rows of miniature lockers and benches fill this area. Beyond is an entryway that leads to the bathhouse. It's an enclosed room, properly ventilated, with lingering steam, rock formations, and small waterfalls. The bathhouse is mixed bathing. Faculty also uses the bathhouse, so beware of performing misconduct; you never know who's sitting around a rock.
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Indoor hallways harbor dorm rooms on either side. Beyond each door, there are two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartments, fully equipped with all amenities. Students are encouraged to decorate how they want. The dorms are co-ed. Two students are assigned one dorm to share for the year. At the end of the year, if the student remains in the same grade level, they remain in that dorm for another year. If they go up a grade level, they are moved to a floor higher with a new roommate.

Board Information & Statistics

The dormitory is U-shaped. The first floor consists of the entryway, common room, I~Virtual, and bathhouse. Each floor above that is separated by grade level. One wing is reserved specifically for faculty. Traditionally, a student is assigned as dorm mother/father to their respective floors to keep order, but here that title is bestowed upon employees that appear to be young children that live centuries. They are incredibly magically-inclined, and therefore shouldn't be crossed.
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