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Past the front desk and snack stand are the locker rooms, nestled between the workout area and pool. Tall lockers line the walls with a total of twenty showers, bathroom stalls, sinks, and benches. A long mirror rests against a center wall that also provides additional counter space. The steam room is shared space of all genders. A heated rock pit sits in the center of the sauna with three rows of wooden benches and ladles. The steam room is dimly lit with a button panel that controls the temperature.
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The pool is accessed through the locker rooms. Of Olympic size, the depth scales from 4' to 15'. Luminescent white lines carve out the lanes on the bottom. The large room has windowed walls on all sides and has a collapsible roof open on sunny days. The deeper end of the pool harbors a diving tower of multiple heights; 4', 10', 20'. One side has a hot tub with scaling jets that spaciously seat twenty people. Another side has a 3' pool that employees teach younger students how to swim.
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The snack stand is directly behind the front desk, connected to it by a small swinging door. The employee area is open for all to see but is enclosed in a circular waist-high counter. A wall divides the two areas; the front desk has merchandise hanging from it, while the snack stand has the menu. All food is nutritional, and all drinks are hydrating. There is a seating area with round tables but also stools that line the snack stand. This area essentially connects to everything; locker rooms, workout areas, gym, etc.
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The workout area is just beyond the snack stand area, after walking down a short decline of stairs. A short metal railing separates it from the gym, and a solid wall lined with mirrors separate the hall leading to the locker rooms. A wide variety of exercise equipment is found in this area; weight machines, dumbbells, therapy balls, treadmills, bikes, etc. Whether it be for muscle building or cardio, this area has it in abundance.
Ada Kusanagi || Mar 19, 2018 15:26:52 GMT -8
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The gymnasium is on the left-hand side of the workout area, separated by a short railing and a higher platform. Students reach the gym by walking through the snack stand area, down the three steps to the workout area, and then down another three steps onto the gym floor. It’s majorly a basketball court with six hanging basketball hoops with three running lanes. There are collapsible bleachers and an enormous divider can be unfurled to section off different activities.
Kaname Yamazaki || Feb 26, 2018 13:30:32 GMT -8
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After students climb the double flights of stairs they come into a hallway with doorless doorways on either side. You cannot hear anything that goes inside the rooms until you walk into them. Each room is different; one may have thick mat flooring, while another has hardwood. The same goes for what’s in them; it can be dummies, targets, etc. Faculty will regularly teach hand to hand combat, weapon combat, and power utilization here, as the walls are magically enhanced to be practically indestructible.
Yekaterina Karamazov || Jan 23, 2018 21:55:44 GMT -8

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Wellness Dome
The wellness dome is located near the auditorium, sports field, and dormitories. It is home to the pool, exercise equipment, a snack stand, and the gym. Physical lessons are taught here, whether it be normal exercise, sports, or power utilization. Students can practice with their weapons, box, play basketball, swim, etc. It’s as much of a socialization hub as it is a physical challenge.
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