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The ruins of the original site for Seito Institute. Its crumbled walls no longer stand tall and proud as they once did; rather, they sit in decay, slowly being overtaken by nature. The buildings are unstable and dangerous, but there is still enough there to explore and even somewhat recognize. Rumble is everywhere; visitors tread with caution.
"Gaz" Beithgate || Apr 1, 2018 18:39:27 GMT -8
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A quarter of the city was destroyed along with the Institute five years ago. The unstable structures that remain are decrepit; old homes are abandoned, unused vehicles are falling apart in the streets, and businesses have been vandalized. Nature is slowly taking over this area, but it has a long way to go before it becomes incredibly evident. Be careful exploring these areas. Some…dangerous things have moved in.
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Just below the crumbling streets is a world of darkness, the old subway stations. While many of the tunnels remain intact, they’ve been abandoned just like the rest of the destroyed city section. It’s a dark, dirty, and an eerily silent place. The tunnels are completely cloaked in darkness since power has long been cut off from this section of the city. Make sure to bring a light source.
Duncan Wagner || Mar 28, 2018 19:44:44 GMT -8
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Beyond the quarter of the ruined city is the section of the jungle that was also caught up in the battle. All the leaves are gone from the standing branches. The trees themselves have turned black and occasionally creak ominously. A strange thick fog has rolled in and is always there, making it incredibly difficult to navigate. It’s easy to get lost, and who knows what's out there? Bring protection.
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Five years ago, a quarter of Maiko City was destroyed by the conflict between our world and a different plane. It was the epicenter of the battle that brought supernatural beings’ existence to the eyes of the public. Streets, buildings, and abandoned vehicles are slowly being overtaken by nature. The original site of Seito Institute is here, also in ruins. The sheer amount of resources that would be required to restore this area has forced Maiko to abandon the efforts completely.
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