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At the edge of the city, hovering over the sea is Maiko’s bustling pier. There are many things to do here. Fishermen can usually be found at the end of the dock. Boats line up side by side and their owners will take people for rides for a cheap fee. Further in, there are tents set up beside each other with different vendors in each one; the choices range from food to merchandise. Because of this, it’s a popular tourist site.
Isabella "Nightingale" || Jan 13, 2018 21:54:49 GMT -8
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On the far right of Maiko’s beach is an enormous cave. One must tread a bit of water to reach it, but it’s been deemed safe and open for people to explore it freely. It’s a cave system that is incredibly deep, however, and it’s easy to get lost, so officials warn those who want to go in to be adequately prepared. During high tide, water flows freely into the cave, so it’s common to find sea life that gets trapped in the lower depths until the next time the sea rises to allow them out.
Ada Kusanagi || Mar 30, 2018 20:50:33 GMT -8
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Pristine sands, warm sun, and cool water lapping at your feet. The beach is open to the public at all hours of the day and night, although swimming during the night is prohibited to prevent drownings. Swimsuits, umbrellas, towels, and beach chairs find themselves at home on these warm sands. Visitors walk the beach, swim, surf, build sandcastles, play beach volleyball, collect seashells, crab hunt, or sunbathe. There is just so much to do!
Crim Cais || Mar 29, 2018 5:39:13 GMT -8
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The waters of Maiko essentially come from the Sea of Japan, being an island between North Korea and the mainland. Its sparkling sapphire and has a calming effect on people, usually. It may be a Sea, but it’s still the ocean’s water, so it’s not surprising to find oceanic wildlife in the area, from sharks to jellyfish. The ocean can be an amazing place to dive into and explore. Beware of its natural dangers, though!
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The sea, sand, sun; it’s commonplace at Maiko’s coastline, a beautiful border where earth meets the sea. There is a beach open to the public, a pier with a wide variety of entertainment, an explorable cave system, and, of course, the waters of the Sea of Japan themselves. People come here for a lot of reasons. A quiet place to themselves, a fun beach party, a walk along the shore, adventure… The list goes on.
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