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Over a particular hill and through a specific thicket of trees is a quaint pond where plenty of fish gather after their journeys up and down the interconnecting streams. The water is calm and peaceful, even on days where the wind blows harshly. The waters are surprisingly crystal clear, and there are the large rocks make great seats for the weary. Feed or fish. This board is only open during the spring and summer (March – September). Be sure to finish your threads before it becomes the Ice Rink!
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Open fields are common in the rural parts, farmland carved out from the jungle. There’s grassy fields, farmland, and crops of various sorts, such as corn, wheat, cotton, etc. Most all the land off the dirt roads are privately owned, but owners allow people on their land so long as there’s no destruction of private property. Being a small island has its perks in generosity. In the winter, the roads are closed for most vehicles. The fields are bare, covered in snow.
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Designated camping grounds are not quite far enough to be in the dangerous zones of the jungle, but far enough away from the city and civilization to feel the desired isolation. The site is wide with thick vegetation all around, so there are no camps that are nestled right in next to each other, adding to the isolation factor. Sit by the fire, tell scary stories, or explore nature. This board is only open during the spring and summer (March – September). Be sure to finish your threads before it becomes the Ski & Sled Slope!
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Connected to the camping grounds is the official hiking trails on the island. It is many miles in length, so long that it would require a five-day commitment of any who wish to walk the entirety of it. Notably, there is one main trail wide enough to allow maintenance vehicles and horses on the trail, while there are smaller, narrow trails for a more immersive experience on foot. Go for a hike, accompany a pet down the path, or rest at a nearby stream alongside the trail.
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Small country villages and isolated homesteads are sprinkled across the island. Grassy fields, waterways, and ideal camping grounds can be found before the actual wilderness. There are trails to walk or horse ride and plenty of places to fish. In the winter, the landscape changes, opening up even more possibilities for fun activities. People come in the dry season to go hiking, horse riding, fish, and camp. In the winter, there are amazing spots to sled, ski, snowboard, and ice skate.
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