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The jungle can be a beautiful but dangerous place. Many things in the thick foliage, entangling flora, and near impassible brush call it home. It’s incredibly easy to get lost and predators lurk in the trees and on the ground, from big cats and large snakes to boars and apes. The wild is thriving with an impressive ecosystem and offers a unique challenge to those who wish to observe it.
"SapphireRose" Fang || May 31, 2018 14:12:39 GMT -8
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Deep within the thickets of the wilderness exists a delightful hot spring with numerous stony pools of steamy-hot water. The freshwater and minerals revitalize the skin, relax the body, and serve as a wonderful reward for the arduous journey to get here. The spring is unowned by any person and is wild as the jungle surrounding it. It sits below the open sky, though it’s hard to tell because the steam gets especially strong. Since it is natural, it’s not uncommon to find oneself sharing the space with the local monkeys.
"Shar" Cross || May 3, 2018 16:51:27 GMT -8
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In a quiet meadow somewhere in the jungle is a quaint cottage. There is no lock on the door and no matter the time of day or night it can be found with a warm fire in the hearth. It’s of simple design; a single room for sleeping, cooking and relaxing. The cupboards and pantry are always stocked with food, fresh perishables even, and there is always a large but neat stack of wood beside the fire. Strangely, it is always empty; no one knows who truly lives there or who built it.
Isis Adalea'enorei || May 25, 2018 15:15:27 GMT -8
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In the deepest, darkest recesses of the jungle is a thick wall with a broken gate. Beyond is a mansion, long forgotten and abandoned. It's strangely western in design and fully furnished, though there's not a soul around to lay claim to the intricate halls and numerous pieces of art on the walls. The furniture is covered with white sheets and webs litter the corners and nooks of rooms. There are no electrical lights but unlit candelabras are scattered about. Beware the vague visage of figures that lurk in the darkness.
Fuuma Tatsumaki || May 25, 2018 3:58:22 GMT -8

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The wilds of Maiko mainly consist of dense jungles and thick outcroppings of land. A huge ecosystem flourishes and plenty of wildlife is commonly sighted. They aren’t scared of people, generally, because of the constant encounters. Deep within the fauna of wilderness are many secret hotspots that are hidden away, undiscovered. Of the things that have been discovered, there is a creepy abandoned mansion that’s allegedly haunted and an abandoned cottage that no one can figure out who lives in.
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